Be your own advocate, the life you save may be your own!

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I think we all become caretakes at one point or another in our lives, for some it comes naturally and sometimes you’re put directly in the fire and you figure it out as you go.

We have had our own issues when we have had to stand up and push against doctors who want to schedule an appointment with a specialist ‘in a few weeks’ but you know instinctively that it’s urgent.  By going directly to the specialist to make an appointment instead of following the advice of  our general practitioner, an important surgery took place within days, instead of maybe being too late.  You have to not worry about offending or being wrong, you have to STAND UP and fight.

Jeannie Gaffigan’s story is important to share.  Surviving the brain tumor seems a small part of the journey to the awakening of the reality that no matter how smart and organized and skilled we are, we can’t do it all and there must be balance in our lives and that it’s okay to give up control and change the way you work, parent, live.


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