As we are beginning to enjoy weekend trips and planning a fall getaway in our 1975 GMC Eleganza 2, finding perfect multi purpose items for storage is fun.  As we continue to downsize, it’s certainly giving me a different type of joy to find these treasures.

This vintage Sears’ Featherlight make up case was a perfect find on our local Facebook Buy Nothing site.  I am using it for tv and ceiling fan remotes, noise cancelling headphones, binoculars, card games and other items.  Jim cut a piece of plexiglas to fit the top so it would have an even surface so it can be used as my ‘end table’ to set my drink.  The case fits perfectly on the step between my recliner and the drivers seat.

The closet was originally designed for a central vacuum system but  I knew this was going to be my pantry closet from the beginning.  It’s not a deep space, only 3 inches, and with one of the three fire extinguishers we are carrying mounted inside, this limited the width for 1/3 of the storage area.  After some online research I found metal ‘spice’ rack organizers on Amazon which fit.  I adjusted the adage we’ve repeated frequently during this restomod to measuring twice before drilling once to be sure our salad dressing bottles (10 inches high) would fit! The two rows of clear plastic containers with colored lids I found at the Container Store.  I am confident will have plenty of containers for spices, herbs, nuts, fake sugar packets and maybe a variety of chocolate chips to tuck away.  A few command hooks round out the pantry/supply closet.

The back of both the driver and passenger seats in the cab area have pocket storage.  I thought about buying multi pocket seat back organizers but with a such a small living area, I felt it would look too cluttered.  The pockets give me plenty of room for our travel maps, journals, lists and more.  Another find from the Buy Nothing site was this basket – there is a harmonica,  mouth harp, drawing pad and pencils and a small throw rug snugly stored inside.  While we are still a few years away from a location independent lifestyle (I love that description), these storage vessels make it easier for me to continue with the purging of our sticks and bricks.  If it don’t fit, you must…let it go.


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