Okay, so it was OUR driveway but we had fun!  The neighbors, in all honesty, probably thought we were a little nutso!  Thankfully their curiosity has been building as we’ve worked on the rv every weekend for the last 7 months so they giggled along with us as we ‘camped’ in the driveway.  Now that the tools are put away we were happy to show her off and it was nice to see their surprise of the change from what we started with to what we created.

I love our Ikea stand we put by the door – it fits perfectly next to the televator.  The top basket is now for fruits/veggies, the middle for Olaf’s things and bottom shelf for our shoes and the hotel slippers I’ve been collecting for when we are inside.  Having the chairs in cab area rotated gave us more seating options though Olaf seems to think the passenger seat is his, and it has been during construction but that is going to change my friend!  You can see he is a bit miffed, wondering what happened to the rest of the bacon we cooked for breakfast.

The weather was great so we took a ride along Alki Beach.  A few waves and peace signs as we drove by – how can you not smile!  If one night is good, then two nights is better so we slept two nights to give everything a good workout.

Yes, that means the composting toilet and the wet bath.  The Air Head composting toilet is amazing – I easily removed and emptied the urine bucket after 36 hours.  I thought it was heavy but I guess lugging nearly two gallons of anything is heavy.  Let me announce to the skeptics that the solids tank is ODORLESS and simple to use.  I’ve used a lot of restrooms; I’ve peed at the Waldorf Astoria and the Plaza in NYC, had an emergency run or two in the woods, a too disgusting to describe visit in  Puerto Vallarta back in 1982 and a hole in the floor that I paid 3 Lira for in Istanbul Turkey – what I’m saying (outloud) is I’ve used a lot of different toilets and the Air Head Composting toilet is clean, efficient and there is NO odor.  Don’t be scared.

The wet bath worked great too.  We installed a spa shower head with a shut off valve and it worked great with our tankless hot water heater.  I was hoping not to get a second shower curtain to keep the small area from feeling crowded but I did get a very small puddle of water in the hallway so I will get a clear shower curtain before we head out for our first ‘real’ trip.

To say we had fun is an understatement and we felt pretty proud of how well everything worked, how organized we have made it and we did not feel crowded.

Life is good.

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