Those are some big shoes to fill! The 30 Day Challenge is no joke!

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Well….. I knew it was a big challenge, could I follow all the steps of the Minimalist’s 30 day challenge* to the letter? That answer would be no – BUT I did make a dent.  The guidelines are to get rid of one thing on the 1st of the month, 2 on the second etc and I should be getting rid of 31 things by the end of today.

This has been a reoccurring theme on this blog – simplifying life whether it’s physical or emotional, things you touch or things you feel.  As we plan on going from 1320 square feet to 208 I have found that it isn’t just the extra cake platters and cute salt and pepper shakers that need to be pared down but the weight of relationships that don’t ‘bring joy’.   It is a tad bit easier to put three boxes out and mark them KEEP, DONATE and TOSS for coats and pillow cases then it is to analyze relationships and figure out which category they belong in and if they should continue to come along on the ride.  I decided to label the relationship boxes KEEP, NURTURE and RELEASE.  The Keep box seems the easiest – those friends and family members who walk hand in hand with the journey, who understand growth and change and are as accepting of my quirks as I am of theirs.

The Nurture box is hard – for one thing, every time I type the word I misspell it so I have to write it twice –  have to think of it twice as long.  So what goes in the Nurture Box – a relationship that used to be easy and joyful but now is a challenge? Is it worth the effort (and disappointment) to keep it going because of the history we have or do I give myself permission to let go and toss it in the Release Box?  Do I have to announce what goes in the Release Box or can it be gently laid in the box, covered with bubble wrap and wished a fond adieu?  And therein lies the struggle as the journey continues.

P.S. I got rid of 52 things this week, from photo frames to purses and a few pieces of costume jewelry.



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