Now that we have the wheels and tires and the weather has improved significantly (it’s still Seattle so a gray drizzle counts as ‘normal’) it’s time to take the GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2 up for gas and to fill the propane tank.  The P.O. had told us it is slow to fill the gas tanks so we wanted to go either late in the day or early in the morning.  We chose late afternoon.  Although the RV is much shorter then most we still took into consideration the height when picking the station, plus we wanted the less expensive gas in our neighborhood.  Thank you to Kim and Danny for the Fuel Everywhere gift cards for our anniversary – boy are we grateful!

After deciding $95.00 was enough for this fueling (we have two 25 gallon tanks) we saved getting propane until the next morning.  Off to Central Welding for 15.20 gallons at $2.94 a gallon – total of $50.43.  I was a little apprehensive of getting propane, it has been working great all fall and winter but I didn’t want to hear them say the tank was out of date or something and we’d have to replace  Everything was easy peasy, and like most people, the attendant loved our RV.

On Friday evening after getting the gas we went down to Rocky Beach and parked along the shoreline.  Though it was a drizzly night – we so enjoyed the view.  We sat in our recliners and looked out our massive windows and I couldn’t help but think I love OUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD.  We even had a little friend peek his head up out of the water and say ‘Hello’.  We drove along Alki Beach and enjoyed the city skyline before heading home.


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