I could have sat all night…

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Yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be “I could have danced all night”  but I was having moments of Julie Andrews singing in my head to my own lyrics while I sat on our new chairs!

After MONTHS of consideration we finally selected the seats we wanted.  These wall hugging recliners from RECPRO are a perfect fit.  We had 62 inches to play with and these chairs are each 30 inches.  We ordered them directly from RECPRO on Monday and they arrived Friday.  Each chair comes in two pieces so you can easily get them through your RV door, or sticks and bricks door, and putting them together was a breeze.  They are so cozy!  I wanted to see how my ‘scrapbook’ blankets would look and it’s pretty perfect.  Don’t forget we started with a bunk bed that hung from a ceiling covered with a droopy headliner.  (the color in first photo is more accurate)

#DIY #GMCMOTORHOME #Eleganza2 #RECPRO #NOMAD #Retirement #Happypappy

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