Whewwwweeeee…… this was a project and a half!  Starting with the pink wall where the dining area was (see the table mount?) to the finished product was months in the planning but ‘just’ ten hours on a Saturday of modifying and adjusting and mounting in the GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2.  The cabinet started as a $99.00 IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet which we modified to become the enclosure for our motorized tv lift cabinet (televator) and the tv lift we bought on Amazon for under $150.00.  The extra bonus is we have a table top for a storage basket when the screen isn’t up,  there is space under cabinet for short baskets plus the front of the cabinet can be lifted and placed on legs for a table.  The epitome of multi purpose when planning on living in a small space.


#DIY #GMCMOTORHOME #ELEGANZA2 #Hemnes #RVNOMAD #Multipurpose #restomod

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