Do what they say, say what they mean
One thing leads to another
You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long but then
One thing leads to another, yeah, yeah, yeah

This song has been running through my head as we go to hardware store(s) looking for  SharkBite fittings for the hot water heater hoses and correct size plumbing parts for the  p-trap under the bathroom sink.  We may not be ‘doing what they say’, but we are buying what they say – and then going back to return the item because they ‘told us something wrong’.  And of course this type of full resto-mod does follow the anecdote of ‘one thing leads to another’ and our ‘yeah yeah yeah’ is sometimes  more ‘no no no’!

All in all, we made great progress this weekend.  We got a gas line from Motion and Flow Control Products in Kent, WA, which they cut to order, in addition to a brass bushing for under $25, the hardware store prices was $35 for the wrong length and no fittings.  It is T-ed off the propane tank and the water input and output are not leaking so we have HOT water on demand!  We covered every square inch of the refrigerator box/closet/area it goes in with insulation and aluminum tape, and covered the top of the fridge with it also, before wiggling it back in.  Not an easy task but it wasn’t easy pulling it out either, though this time it was without my dramatic cries of ‘let’s get help!’ I’m keeping the doors off for now until I’m done painting because I put a decorative photo on the doors and I don’t want to drip paint on it, which I most certainly will with my painting skills!


#Motion&FlowControlProducts,Inc #DIY #tanklesshotwater #GMCMOTORHOME #Eleganza2 #feelinggood #RVNomad #teamwork


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