So there we were having the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve with Danny and Kim,  when Jimmy took a glance at Craigslist and found….  Captain’s Chairs and a matching RV size recliner/swivel seat!  Our quick message asking if they were still available and if they would wait til the day after Christmas for us to pick up was answered just as quickly.  So “Boxing Day” found us driving to Milton, WA to pick up the chairs.  On our return we saw the new Dick’s  and had to stop for a Dick’s Deluxe and Fries to go.  It didn’t take long to pull out the old clam shell chairs and see that the Flexsteel mounting is the same.  Sometimes looking at ‘your device’ pays off!


#nomad #restomod #GMC #RV #diy #flexsteel #eleganza2

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