Oh look at those beautiful lights!  The LED lights draw so little power and put out so much light, we are loving how bright they are.  Olaf is supervising and I think he is asking us – how many cracks in the Formica are you willing to accept?

Yep, the Formica does not like to be bowed and with our beautifully rounded ceiling it’s putting up a fuss and and cracking as we screw it into the ribs.  It had already cracked (the Formica) around one of the light fixtures.  I tried “We will be the only ones that notice”, but alas husband is right- we are the ones that matter!  The crack ran both front and back when we attached it to the ceiling and was just too big to ignore. If it’s going to do this with every screw, well,  it’s time to go another direction.   Off to Home Depot to get composite wood panels.  They are now cut to size and light holes are popped out.  Tomorrow we will go to Pacific Fabric and look for a nice material to adhere to the wood and then we will attempt to get the ceiling installed by the end of the long weekend.

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