This morning I went to my grandson’s Veteran’s Day Assembly.   I chose to stay in the moment instead of recording or taking photos and enjoy the program ‘live’.  On my way home I thought, again, about our photos and how do I take them with me in a way that protects them and doesn’t take up a ton of real estate.  Space is limited when you are living in a motorhome and the choices we make have to be well thought out.

The art we have hanging on the walls in our S&B are photos we’ve taken over the years on vacations.  They make me happy  and I want them with us.  It occurred to me today the blankets you can design on is a need and want item.  A soft, snuggly fleece blanket with a ‘photo album’ display is a good solution to what’s been nagging at me.  So I’m going through sd cards and picking out a few photos to download for the first blanket.  Now I just have to wait for the best deal.  And….hmmm…. if I can keep quiet on this it could be a holiday gift too so killing THREE birds with one stone – need, want, gift.  Yeah, I know, one of those gifts that is really for me but has his name on the tag!

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