The advantage of a 26 foot home, which I believe is 208 square feet, is the prep work is a breeze!  Or so I fantasized.  Evidently there are as many steps in the prep work in the GMC as there is in a traditional S&B (sticks and bricks) home though obviously not as much area to cover.

After research and more Youtube videos  on how to successfully paint our laminate covered drawers, cupboards and closet area, it’s time to dig in.  My scuffing with light duty scouring pads didn’t rough the surface up enough to have the paint stick through our ‘fingernail test’.   Off to Junction True Value to get some plastic primer spray paint to try as an undercoat.

While the primer dries on the cupboard section we removed, and are using as a paint test piece,  it’s time to tape off the area we don’t want paint sprayed on.  There are a few lose trim pieces  which we will use an iron to heat the laminate and reactivate the adhesive.  Again, thankful for those garage and estate sales we used to scour and pick up those odd tools that now are coming in handy!

We have discovered that if we use 80 grit sandpaper to more aggressively scruff up the laminate we don’t need the primer coat.  The Behr primer and paint combination is adhering well to our practice piece.  Sooo…. time to be sure the Kindle is loaded with interesting Podcasts, find the facemasks and get to sanding!

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