The last few years have been all about planning what we will do when we are able to hit the road fulltime, what do we want to see, where do we want to go, will we join Thousand Trails, will we boondock much, will we stay for months in areas or weeks?  Today – and tomorrow and this fall and winter – we are focused on baby steps of prepping the GMC.  We know this may not be the perfect fit and after a few test runs of camping for a week here and there over the next few years we may decide we need something larger, or smaller or… maybe we won’t like the lifestyle at all.  But for now we are living for TODAY, and today we will begin removing the furniture and preparing the cabinets for priming and painting.

We have made a tentative list of things we want/need to do beyond masking off windows and other areas we don’t want painted and removing the headliner and side wall boards.  We want to wire in additional outlets, run power for recessed lighting, epoxy the counter top, build a drop table to replace the current dining area and perhaps build a TV lift cabinet.  There is a lot more to do, practical things like emptying the water tanks to prep for winter and emptying the black tank and buying  new wheels and tires and looking at composting toilets.  The list really is endless but we are looking forward to the process and I’m glad I’m recording it so we can look back and say either ‘what were we thinking’ or ‘this was such a fun experience’, I’m pushing for the second!

I love this!


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