How did we get on this path?

Giving credit where credit is due is important.  We didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Hey, let’s get rid of all our stuff and hit the road!” As my friend Dena would say…. long story short…….

I was an avid coupon user, even had a second email account for freebies and coupons.  Buying bulk, taking advantage of bo/go’s (buy one/get one free), free samples, stacking coupons, while I wasn’t THAT lady with six carts full of gatorade and top ramen, I did have to add two shelves in the backroom.

While I was following various coupons sites like Frugal Free Gal and Broke and Beautiful, Queen Bee Coupons caught my eye as she shared  how her family was starting a new Facebook site in June 2015 called Take That Exit.  My interest was piqued and I began to follow their planned one year journey of living in an Airstream travel trailer and traveling the USA.

As the year progressed other methods of decluttering our lives began to work their way into my way of thinking.  It wasn’t just the physical things that were keeping us from living our best life, there was emotional baggage that weighed us down.  Peacefully letting go of relationships that were too ‘heavy’ and simply stepping back with an open mind and heart  has been liberating.

Oh yes, long story SHORT……  As the year of Take that Exit came to a close and they then decided to keep on for one more year, I told my husband of 30+ years that maybe this was a retirement lifestyle we should consider.  I think I knew I was the one that needed to be convinced and that is why it took me the full year to say it aloud – he thought it was a great idea without a year of watching someone else!

We soon learned it wasn’t that outlandish of an idea.





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