Why wait?

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to document the journey to our journey.  We will be living “Our New Neighborhood” in 2023. There will be a lot of changes and discoveries along the way.  I want to record the process as we go, instead of thinking back on what we did to get there so I’m starting now!

For the past two years we have been making small changes.  No more going to garage and estate sales!  What??  How can we not keep buying cake plates and other ‘must haves’?  As I said, it’s a process!  I jumped in deep and read the Konmari book – dumped all my clothes in the living room from the dresser and the closet and then cried!  Not so much because I would be getting rid of things but I made such a mess and it wasn’t something that could be left in the middle of the floor, it had to be dealt with.  Then I found the Minimalists on Youtube.  Two young men with an intriguing story which went with the theme of other Youtuber’s I was watching, Less Junk More Journey which went with another Youtube station Rick Steve’s Travel packing tips.  Everything seemed to be speaking to me.

What are all these changes leading to?  What is Our New Neighborhood?  If all goes well this blog is a learning process in itself – tomorrow will be another day with an explanation of what are plans are.


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