The shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, the cards are filled out and mailed, so now what?? I love the planning and tend to keep an eye out all year with my best friend and family in mind when we are out and about, hoping to find a gift that seems tailor made just for them. The exception is for the grandson, of course, because when you are 14 what you thought would be great in June may not make the cut in December!

We have been simplifying the holidays more and more the last few years. When the plan was to rv fulltime, I downsized holiday ornaments and other decorations and kept just the most special of them. Though we have decided to have retirement be more about travel then a commitment to fulltime rv life I am resolute to stick to less is more and enjoy the treasures we have.

I’m looking forward to the 21st of December, Winter Solstice, when the days will slowly start getting longer again. We will be focusing on Yule this year in our own way. After a little reading, I learned that Yule has been on the calendar for centuries. Yule was first celebrated over 1,500 years ago by Germanic pagans, as a midwinter festival to stave off the dark and cold and prepare for the long winter still to come. For centuries, it was the go-to winter festival for the Vikings, Germanic tribes, and peoples in pre-Christian Europe.

Yule gives us the opportunity to release the old to get ready for the new, so I suppose it’s the perfect time to do some Yuletide cleaning. Well, let’s not get crazy, maybe I will head to Bakery Nouveau and get a slice of yule cake instead!!

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