Tooth pain!

I’m making a confession – because I can’t be the only one who has felt this way. I had an appointment for a root canal this week after weeks of being pretty miserable with a tooth that lost a filling and then a chunk chipped out. I was hoping it would magically fix itself or the tooth would gently fall out and leave me with no issues – neither happened!

Take me to the beach!

While I wasn’t looking forward to the appointment I was looking forward to having the work done. The periodontist office is more like a spa than the place I had my wisdom teeth pulled some 30 years ago. The staff are calming and sweet and there are water fountains flowing peacefully, it’s all very Zen. The x-ray appointment went so smoothly, but I guess that didn’t matter once I sat in the chair for the root canal. I had a bit of a panic attack with a side of claustrophobia – my blood pressure was SO high that they couldn’t do the work. I tried the ‘take me to the beach’ relaxation technique but my brain wasn’t having any part of it. I finally grabbed my phone and listened to Jim Gaffigan as a guest on Andy Richter’s podcast, which did bring my blood pressure down but not enough in time for the appointment. So I tucked my tail between my legs and rescheduled my appointment for next week.

Finding my happy place

I called my husband from the car, trying to laugh it off but burst out crying! Good Golly Miss Molly, I was a wreck. I could feel myself relaxing though which was nice and I could breath, which is a good thing! I checked my blood pressure when I got home and it was better. Than I called a friend and she allowed me to lament – too strong of a word??? – and my blood pressure was back to normal at the end of our conversation. So I’m fine and not as embarrassed as I was at the office, though probably still have a good cry right under the surface but life marches on (luckily).

It’s a few days later and I can still feel the panic deep down but I’m googling ‘root canal’ procedures and I can see that they don’t cut off your air supply – duh – so I’m hoping by the time I go in next week I am as calm as a cucumber and not a big ol chicken! I decided it was worth sharing my panic and humiliation because maybe it will make someone else feel you have a friend that understands what you are going through!

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3 Replies to “I was a chicken!”

  1. We’ve all been there – one way or another. I was supposed to have an mri on my breast. Had to go in the tube. It was freaking me out. Then the assistant said, “It’s not a torture chamber or anything.” That was it. I was out of there! I can remember thinking at the moment, “It’s okay. I can just die a little sooner.” Fortunately, all worked out for me. It will for you, too!

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