Sometimes the blue sky is enough to pull me outside and get back on track to fill my lungs with fresh air and get moving. My work schedule changed in the late summer and I found that as good excuse as any to quit taking walks. We had such a hot summer – it was ‘too hot’ to walk. And now the rainy season has made its arrival known and the first instinct in the morning is = oh well, can’t go out in that!

The Virtual Walking challenge I chose this time is 268 miles. I have to admit this was a big mistake for me personally because I do better with smaller goals. Small steps to get to the end of a longer journey works for me. While (virtually) walking the Romantic Road in Germany from Wurzburg to Fussen has been educational and the postcards have been beautiful, 268 miles was more of an excuse to not walk then incentive to finish. Everyone’s brain works in different ways!

Admittedly walking along the beach, whether it is sunny or a blustery and cold rainy morning, is a reward in itself. I’ve hit my reset button and looking at the remaining 43 miles of this challenge as a new beginning instead of struggling to get to the end. One step at a time. And I may or may not be looking forward to finishing if only to virtually walk the Amalfi Coast!

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