Managing your expectations

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After months (and months) of a beautiful rainless summer, the September week we reserved to escape in our 1975 GMC Eleganza 2 motorhome was a typical NOVEMBER Washington weather week! Rain and wind gusts up to 60 mph didn’t dampen our spirits, we enjoyed our time away from home in part because we have been modifying the motorhome based on our expectations of things like weather and destinations, having electricity or boondocking.

The dog was wondering how long it was going to take to hit the road. We took the ferry over to Southworth and cut our drive nearly in half (price of gas in our neighborhood in Seattle is $4.19 a gallon vs ferry which was $46.50 to cross the sound). I almost hate to say where we camped because it’s already so popular and hard to get reservations but it’s with good reason. Fort Flagler State Park is beautiful, right on the Port Townsend Bay.

We did have a few hours of sun with no wind so he was able to practice getting some drone footage. It looks like we may be the only ones who had solar panels.

The park is so beautiful, even during a rainy gusty week, as long as you manage your expectations. We are looking forward to planning another escape in our motorhome!

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  1. GREAT Photos! Glad you got away!! We had the chance to go to the GMCMI convention in Chippewa Falls (only 3 hours from us). There were just 85 GMC’s but it was Great fun and ours served us perfectly!

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