Looking on the bright side

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Could be worse…. the fridge could have died when it was full of goodies and we were out and about! What started as a not so little project turned into two projects that weren’t so little.

We had decided to replace our tankless hot water heater with a hot water tank. We couldn’t ever get it to work just right, it was either scalding or too cold. After a lot of monkeying around with it, we knew it would be money well spent to get a small tank. We decided on the Bosch Electric Mini Water Tank. It is a four gallon tank and fits where the original tank was installed – in the bathroom cabinet under the sink. The convenience of removing the Airhead composting toilet is an added advantage, gives you more leg space in that small wet bath.

While we were replacing the hot water system, the refrigerator decided it was Done – yes, with a capital D! We aren’t sure if it was coincidence or we jolted it somehow but the original, nearly 50 year old fridge, has been retired. This started hours, well days, of research. While we would have liked to get a 12v/110 amp fridge, they seem to be in the same boat as many another items right now in the supply chain – it can be months before they will commit to having them in stock, let alone you getting one. With the solar system, battery system and generator we now have we decided to get a household refrigerator. At least our next few longer trips we will have electricity hook ups so we aren’t worried about the power draw and if we find it doesn’t work for us we will look again when things are back in stock.

You’d think a household refrigerator is a simple fix – just find the cutest one you want and go get it. Well, it has to fit in the space where the fridge goes. A 1975 GMC Motorhome does not give you a lot of options of where the fridge can go. We searched and searched for a fridge at or under 55 inches tall, that isn’t too deep since the wheel well is in that area plus it can’t be too wide either. Without feeling like we are settling, we finally found a fridge that will fit and it should be here by the end of the week. I guess that means there is more to come and this mess should be cleaned up soon!

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