I heard this a few days ago… One Day or Day One. When I go to bed at night thinking about the path I am on, will it begin One Day or when I wake up will it be Day One? With the freedom of being empty nesters (technically anyway!) and planning our retirement, what happens in the ‘tween years? While he is still working and we begin to put our dreams together, do we plan it all out for One Day or do we start living it now? I think it’s easy to write it down and talk about it but starting Day One of living our best lives is a bit more complicated. That darn starting gets in my way every time but I’m motivated!

Looking forward to a new view out the window!

Day One has started with making reservations for our trip to Yellowstone. We reserved spots within the park that I feel are pretty well thought out. We will have a full day of exploring as we work our way around the loops. When we stop at our reserved campsites we will stay two nights so we have a full day to explore the area near the sites, like the Lower Falls. I’m expect we will have a similar reaction as they did in 1870 when ‘a member of the Washburn party, Mr. N.P. Langford described the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone in this way: “A grander scene than the lower cataract of the Yellowstone was never witnessed by mortal eyes.” ‘ We will continue this loop ending with Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring before we exit the park and take our time stopping at various Harvest Host locations on our way home. Our plans may get tweaked but we are looking forward to doing and not just dreaming of One Day.

The view from my real walk isn’t the same as my Hadrian Wall Virtual Walk but it’s gorgeous! This week a section of my virtual view was of Planetree’s Roman Wall. If I’m reading it right, the residents in the area took parts of the stone wall to build their farm house. I think that’s probably good upcycling in the early 1800’s, some 1700 years after the building of the wall! I am a few short feet from the Temple of Mithras. According to Englishheritage.org.uk : Nearby stands the fascinating temple to the god Mithras, built by the soldiers of Carrawburgh. Mithraism was a Roman religion inspired by a god originally worshipped in the eastern Empire. According to legend, Mithras captured and killed a sacred bull in a cave, which Mithraic temples were intended to evoke. The temple was probably built by soldiers at the fort around AD 200 and destroyed about AD 350. Three altars found here (replicas stand in the temple) were dedicated by commanding officers of the unit stationed here, the First Cohort of Batavians from the Rhineland.  I have had moments of feeling overwhelmed, that starting with 90 miles was too high of a goal to set and I’d never finish but if they could build the wall I think I can WALK the length of the wall!

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One Reply to “One Day or Day One”

  1. This is Wonderful! Love your view of the Olympic Mountains.
    Good for you for staying the extra day at your campsites at Yellowstone. Make sure to include Grand Tetons National Park on your adventure if you have a few days extra.
    One Day … or Day one! I love that!

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