When the mountain is ‘out’ the entire state smiles.

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After checking out campgrounds and a short hike we decided to drive on to Mount Rainier National Park.  We stopped at a Visitor’s Center where Olaf, our Dachshund,  tolerated a few puppies who were excited to meet a new friend (he was unimpressed) and we looked at the maps and other available information.  We continued on and drove into the park.  It continued to be a beautiful day, if you are from the Seattle area (not a transplant) partly cloudy is an amazing beautiful day!


We pulled over and walked down to the rivers edge, while the glacier water is gray it was still hypnotizing to watch and listen to the rush as the water flowed through the path that’s been carved over all these years.  Back in the truck and around one small turn – there was the mountain!  So clear and the sun shimmering off the snow.

We stopped at Sunrise Point, where the view – again – was beautiful.   The drive reminded me of the White Pass and Yukon rail ride we took out of Skagway years ago – the terrain changes so much and suddenly you are above the tree line.  Maybe we were lucky because it was quiet, although there were a number of other visitors there, we could feel the impact of the forest and the majesty of the area.

We forced ourselves back into the truck and continued our journey.  We drove through the White River campground which seems to be mostly tent camping, though we did see a Safari Trek that we loved camping there.  We went to Sunrise Visitors Center – the parking lot was PACKED and we had no intention of going in so we slowly turned around and headed back home.

While we are ‘beach people’ the draw of the forest and having an unobstructed view of the river is enticing.

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