We went away for a few days to relax, knowing full well that if we did a true ‘staycation’ we would find way too much to work on at home or in the driveway!  We were only 20 minutes from home but enjoyed our view of the cloudy Cascade mountain range.  Danny and Kim packed us a mega picnic that lasted the entire trip – accompanied by the hosted bar at the hotel.  It wasn’t long before our thoughts went straight to the RV and we were off to The Container Store.   We bought six pieces (and only have to return three of them!) and got some good ideas for DIY projects for our cabinets.  Hmmmmm…. a slide out cabinet for under the fridge so I can easily get to the instant pot and other things we will be housing there sounds wonderful.   Still not sure where garbage and recycling cans will go but I did pick up and show him at least a half dozen – but didn’t buy any.  You can do that when you’ve been married 35 years – but not on a weekly basis that’s for sure!


#DIY #rvnomad #retire #anniversary #TheContainerStore #staycation #GMCMotorhome #Eleganza2 #storage

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