Love the new technology…

but come on – don’t take credit for an old idea!  We love that Morton’s on the Move was able to share such great information from the RVX 2019 Show.  We love seeing the new technology and wondering how we can incorporate some of it into Our New Neighborhood.

While I was plating dinner I heard, “you gotta get out here, listen to this!”.  The company AKTV8 seems to take credit for a great innovative idea…except….. this is what GMC built into their Motorhome’s in the mid-70’s.  In fact it is the system we have in our Eleganza 2.  If nothing else it’s a good explanation of how OUR system works.  The rest of the video is great too, we love Tom and Cait, they are so tech savvy and we are looking forward to watching the adventure of their Alaska trip this summer (and hoping we can take them to lunch if Seattle is on their route).


@Mortonsonthemove #RVNomad #RVX2019 #GMCMOTORHOME #DIY #AKTV8

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