She’s lookin’ like an Uptown Girl

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When we first walked into our GMC Motorhome Eleganza 2 five months ago it took a hot minute to look past what was there to see the potential.  Yesterday was a big day as far as aesthetic improvements go on this restomod.  The before and after photos really show the difference of style a few decades make!

We watched many Youtube videos on how to install a click in laminate floating floor.  Important lessons to know ahead of time are making the cuts on the correct side (because there is a right and wrong side) and being sure the seams stagger,  but perhaps the best advice was to use a dry erase marker!  The dry erase marker is key in making it easier to remember which side is the ‘keep’ of the piece you are trimming and marking the measured cut lines.  Don’t install without one!   We want to thank Nick for lending us the carpet installation kit – the tools to help click the pieces together was such a big help.

I may have spent an hour or more looking at Houzz for throw rugs!  Perhaps buying the microfiber sweeping/mop system should be more of a priority!


#GMCMOTORHOME  #Eleganza! #DIY #Laminatefloor #dryerasemarker #Houzz #Restomod #ughmyback!



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