After a lot of online and Youtube research we chose to order our wheels from in Tampa, FL .  When ordering for the front wheel drive GMC Motorhome you must get seven front wheels, which includes the spare.  There are no axle’s, it has a six wheel independent system which I’ve had explained to me a few times and I get it but I’m not sure I can explain it!  Anyway…. you have to order seven front wheels and when they ask about the lug nut size there is a pause when you explain it’s for a 1975 GMC Eleganza Motorhome, ‘you know, the one in Stripes?’ the salesperson either slowly says, “mmhmmm” or “YEAH, I know – that’s great!”.   To make things a bit more challenging is the original wheels were 16 1/2 inches, not an easy size to get if you have a flat and are stranded  like Chevy Chase in the  movie ‘Vacation’ so we ordered 16 inch wheels.

We went with the aluminum XD775 Rockstar Front, 16″ x 6″ with 8×6.5 lugnuts.  They are very nice but the star is not our thing so husband did a little restomod-ing with the old hubcap and incorporated it into the new one.  Like the rest of this project, I love that we are making things our own.  The new wheels fit on the hub and now it’s time to purchase tires. #GMCMotorhome #DIY #RESTOMOD #Vacation #Stripes #BillMurray #ChevyChase #RVNomad #Whendoweretire? @wilfredburr



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