I don’t think it so much surprises me that we are tackling such a big project together but it does make me shake my head and smile that we are able to dig in and do things we have never done before.  Next on the list is removing the hot water tank and replacing it with a tankless water heater.   There are many things to consider and reconsider before the actual installation, like linking the propane tank to new water heater, venting considerations, best place to install that could possibly give us with more storage area and a mini list of other things also.    And while we are making these plans,  he painted the first coat on  the bedroom ceiling and walls in our sleeping area.  There are a lot of before’s on the way to after!



#rvnomad #diy #GMCMotorhome #tanklesswaterheater #teamwork #drivinandvibin #lessjunkmorejourney #themotorhomeexperiment #veganrv #supportsystem

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