New counter and faucet – it’s purdy!

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A few steps of the how to’s of installing the new kitchen counter and faucet.

We have a few rooms that may, at first glance, present us as hoarders since we don’t throw anything away we take out of the rv until it has been officially replaced with something different.   It paid off again as the PO (previous owner) had already installed a residential faucet so having all the correct hoozits and whatzits to hook up to the water lines saved us a few trips to True Value and Home Depot (for this particular project).  I like the original double sink and with a little elbow grease and stainless steel shining wipes, it looks nearly new.

The old faucet is officially in the ‘donate’ box now.


#GMC #RVLIFE #Nomad #diy #replacefaucet

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