Sewing to me is like opening a new Ikea box and trying to figure out where and what A is and where it goes on the diagram!  Technically this should be easy, just straight lines but we shall see.

Originally I was going to leave the curtains for the front windows long and let them drape over the dash when we closed them  but as the RV is coming along, I want it to be ‘right’.  One good thing is the curtains I bought months ago are long enough to be cut in half and hemmed to the same size as the original (disgusting) curtains so I don’t have to buy another pair.  Another good thing was I found ‘Sew-in Slide Tape’ on Amazon and it was an exact match size wise for the track.  I thought I was going to have to use a seam ripper to remove each individual slide from the old curtains and hope they held up as I applied them to new curtains, but the tape will be so much easier.  Best news…. there will be material left over so I can practice to be sure my sewing machine cooperates because, of course, I’m going to blame the machine if this goes south!

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