When I read forums on RV Interiors, Fulltime RV Living, etc, one of the most commonly discussed ‘problems’ is “How do I cook in my rv oven?”.  Months before we bought our RV I made the decision to purchase a convection oven so when we hit the road I was not going to be one of those frustrated cooks.  After all we won’t be camping, we will be living.  While we may occasionally roast a hot dog over an open fire most days we will be prepping food like we do in our S&B.

When we got our RV it had the original Magic Chef gas oven and stove top.  The oven portion doesn’t work and the search for the correct part for that particular model/age has been fruitless so out goes the oven and POOF – guess what fits perfectly???  The convection oven!  He disassembled the gas stove top, which works perfectly, so we have the best of both worlds – gas stove top and electric oven. Whether we are boondocking in BLM land or have electric hookup we have our bases covered.


#RVlife  #nomad #diy #convectionoven #chef #boondock #GMCELEGANZA2

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