This is the beadboard we got from the @buynothingsite in our community.   It is exactly how I had pictured this wall and we will be able to use the trim pieces (molding?) to frame the windows. We filled exposed frame areas with foam insulation that we will trim a bit today before putting up the last two sections.  The light switch is installed and so is the outlet.  Happy Happy Joy Joy*

Yesterday we returned the three unused sheets of linoleum and a handful of electric boxes/switches to @homedepot.  They have such an easy return policy which makes our guesswork easier – especially when we guess wrong.  We went to Pacific Fabrics next and spent (too much) time looking at fabric.  I tried to warn him it was going to take a while to look through 100’s of bolts, I think I will wait til he’s back to work to go to Joann’s or Michael’s for other little doodads.

*Ren and Stimpy reference

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