One of these days I will figure out how to make these photos smaller!

We are going to look back eventually and wonder how in the world we got some of these things done so quickly, though for one of us (cough cough) it seems to be taking forever.  The ceiling is up, the rib covers are popped into place.  I need to clean and paint the air conditioner cover before we put it back up.  In the meantime, work on the ‘living room’ walls has started.  Holes for the light switches, usb ports and seatbelt slots are cut out.  I reordered the white ‘brick’ that I already changed my mind on and returned once and should be here within the week.  The list (what list, are we going in order of a list???) for interior is still long but it’s looking so nice and so different then where we started.  I’m happy.

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