Recovery will take longer but he’s getting things done

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So much for sitting and playing video games while his knee recovers.  But… we are getting things done.

While waiting for the Elmer’s Carpenters Wood Glue to dry, which is what we are using to adhere the vinyl to the pdf ‘wood’, my newest blanket arrived.  I love  The blanket is too big for me to take a good photo but I love the quality of their printing.  I am forcing myself to tuck it away and not drape it over the couch right now!  It’s for later, it’s for later, it’s for later. And of course I couldn’t make it a gift because I was too excited to show it off.

We got the first section of the ceiling up and it looks great – though there was a rain drop on my camera so it looks spotted.  He is givin’ it a little trim bloke (inside joke) and we should have three of the other four sections up today.  Cuz why rest the leg you just had surgery on, that would be silly!

(I am thankful for the edit button because as those who get emails from me know, I am heavy handed with the exclamation points!  There is a lot of deleting and inserting of a calm period after many sentences! See…. I can’t stop which needs an exclamation point too… nooooooooo)


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