A list is so gratifying, it’s a pat on the back when you get to check off what you’ve done.  I make a lot of lists – some are muddled through and some are crumbled and tossed away.  You can bet I wanted a list to keep track of the items we gave to our neighbors through our local Buy Nothing site ( https://buynothingproject.org/ ), unloaded on friends or reluctantly took to the transfer station aka the dump.

The RV has a variety of lists, starting with what did we want in an RV and now what do we need  and/or want to do to the GMC.  I tend to jump around on the list, while husband has his list in a particular order – but after 34 years and 7 months of marriage we agree to disagree on our personal organization skills!  For instance this weekend we went to Home Depot and I picked  interior paint, while he chose electrical wire and switches.  I may have ordered curtains on Amazon while he ordered an Electra Magic Slide EZ valve yesterday, my part of the order may be putting the cart before the horse.

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